Caroline Schultz (betty_gurl_boop) wrote in phisigmasigma,
Caroline Schultz

Regional Leadership Conference!

Oh wow!!

I am SO pumped about the Regional Leadership Conference!

We got 10 of our girls to go!! We were so surprised that everyone wanted to go, we probably could've even found more girls from our colony to go to this.

We are all really excited!!!

I dont know if its something to be excited about or not...but we are!! LOL

I just thought I would share that :)

update on our status: So far we have 23 girls!! 27 sisters here we come!!

I am really proud of our success so far. I have noticed a lot of girls get their faith back...I think some of them were giving up before, but then when they realized how close we hit them.
We have several awesome women and friends interested in joining too, so I think we will make the 27!!

Initiation is so close I can feel the chills down my back! YAY!!!
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