Steph (fermata_me) wrote in phisigmasigma,

Hello from Rhode Island!

Hi girls!

I'm a Phi Sig from the University of Rhode Island, Gamma Zeta Chapter, and I've been a Phi Sig since Spring 2005. I suppose my point here is just to say a quick hello :o)

Currently, our chapter has been going under some big changes. We've been working with nationals for about a year now in order to increase our numbers and create a better sorority overall. When I first joined, we were in pretty rough shape, but since elections toward the end of last fall, things have been looking up. Our newest class of girls (Spring 2006) shows a great deal of potential for the future of our sorority.

I found this community on a whim and joined a little less than a week ago. It's great to see sisters from all over! And if I read correctly, there are some girls from a Phi Sig in it's very beginning stages? That's so exciting, and I just want to say, good luck! It's wonderful to be a part of Phi Sig and you really are bringing something wonderful to your campus!

This is becoming quite a long-winded hello! I guess I have a question - I'm curious as to how Phi Sig is viewed at your schools. At URI, we're known for being extremely accepting (non-exclusive) and friendly. We have a very diverse group of girls (from all over the US, with majors ranging from TMD to Pharmacy, all from different walks of life) who get along extremely well, across all different social boundaries. It's wonderful, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. As we always say in our chapter, these are the girls who will some day be your bridesmaids!

So, hello to all, and I can't wait to hear what you gals have to say!

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