!! (jennileigh) wrote in phisigmasigma,

yay! A phi sig community! I am from the epsilon nu chapter at State U. of NY in Oswego. I've been a member this past semester, and it is definitly the best decision ive made in college!

some of the sisters on alumni weekend, I'm the one in the front in the letters.

me on the left and my sapphire sis.

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Since the Big/Lil thing is against policy, you might want to refer to her as your Sapphire Sister =)

But cute pics nonetheless =)
wooops sorry, fixed it. :) thanks
Owsego, eh??? Hi there!!

I'm from Pi Chapter at Syracuse University, so we're kinda-sorta-neighbors!! :)

welcome to the community!
Tell Claire that Terra says hi :)
how do you know clarie and tara?!! where are you from?

tara was my PM! shes the best, i love her so much.